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Great Dog Tails - King JB & Queen Beasley


               A heartwarming story from Florida

11/19/14  The story of King JB and Queen Beasley

King JB had a very sad beginning.  In 2007 at age 5 months, he was thrown from a car and run over by another car.  He was taken to a shelter and immediately put on the kill list because of his extensive injuries.  But there was one worker at the shelter who saw something special in this poor skinny pup and decided to try to help him.  She contacted Suncoast Basset Rescue and they agreed to help, to pay for the surgery he needed and to find him a forever home.  After his surgery, the pup then known as “Norton” was on exercise restrictions for 8 – 10 weeks.  His injuries had been so bad there was little hope that he’d ever be able to walk normally or even put his weight on that leg.   Norton was placed in the excellent foster home of a Suncoast Basset Rescue volunteer where he received the special care and love he needed.  Because of his injury, the pup was not immediately put up for adoption.  But as luck would have it, another volunteer for Suncoast Basset Rescue saw Norton on the website and fell in love.  This was no ordinary person but a true dog and Basset Hound lover who, as a cancer survivor, had a huge heart for special cases like Norton.  Not only that, but she had a swimming pool where Norton could swim, the perfect therapy for his condition.  She renamed him JB, reversing the letters of the name of her beloved Basset Hound BJ who had helped her and comforted her when she was going through her cancer treatments.

Miss Beasley had lived with the same family for 10 years.  At age 5, Miss Beasley developed problems with her eyes.  Her family put human eye drops in her eyes which made the problem worse.  Miss Beasley ended up losing her eyesight completely.  When she was 10, Miss Beasley’s family moved and said they could not afford to keep her anymore.  So she ended up at a shelter, lonely, frightened and blind, a 10 year old senior with teeth so rotten that 22 needed to be removed and toenails so long they curled back into the pads of her feet.  Poor Miss Beasley was at the bottom of the list of what most people would want to adopt.  But there was an angel in her future, one who would heal her wounds and gain her trust.  King JB’s mommy came to the rescue again and gave Miss Beasley the life she needed and could thrive in.

These two Bassets and their wonderful and loving mom work tirelessly for Basset Rescue.  Their fundraising abilities are legendary, with King JB being crowned King of the Suncoast Basset Waddle 7 years in a row for being the top male fundraiser.  And now Queen Beasley has joined him in his fundraising efforts, lending her sweet disposition and considerable personality into the mix.  Two incredible hounds, once thought to be worthless are now raising thousands of dollars to help other needy hounds have happy endings just like their own. 


A Page for Dogs and their stories

Hello friends and welcome to the new Sir Bentley Art website and online store.  I'm Sir Bentley, a Basset Hound and the driving force behind the business.  It's my job to come up with ideas, hire slaves...I mean artists, and make sure everyone is doing their jobs.  We always have a lot going on around here and we get lots of laughs from all the crazy things that happen.  So we decided we would share some of our stories with you.  Let me introduce you to my Sir Bentley Art family.

Bonnie Hardiman - this is my mummy.  She's pretty wonderful and I love her a lot.  She does all the custom sculptures of people's dogs and she makes great little scenes and comes up with lots of new ideas.  She also helps me with my fundraising for needy hounds.

Angela Hardiman - I call her Aunt Angie.  She's in charge of the Bimmer's Buppies division of Sir Bentley Art.  Her little buppies and kitties are so adorable I know you'll love them.  Aunt Angie is mummy's MUCH younger sister (mummy is very old).  Aunt Angie is very smart and she brings us wonderful presents.  But let me tell you something about aunt Angie that you'll find hard to believe...she used to be afraid of dogs!  Her whole life she was afraid...until ME that is!  I nipped that in the bud when I was just a little 9 week old puppy.  You see, they accidently put me in the back seat of the car instead of letting me ride up front with them.  When I quietly complained at the top of my lungs, mummy said "You can't ride up front because aunt Angie is riding up here."  Well, being the brilliant little pup I was, I looked and saw that there was PLENTY of room right there on aunt Angie's lap so I just struggled and climbed and pushed until I got up there.  Once I was in her lap, I looked up at her and gave her a kiss.  "Now isn't this nice?" I said.  Mummy and aunt Angie both laughed and aunt Angie has loved dogs ever since.  That was the beginning of my magic.

Lourdes Gallardo - Aunty Lou!  Oh, she's so awesome.  She gives great tummy rubs and she never runs out of cookies (turns and glares at mummy).  Aunty Lou has the Forgetmenot Collection and she makes the most beautiful cake toppers you ever saw!  But she also makes great ornaments and decorations with so much detail you can hardly believe it.  But the greatest thing is that aunty Lou is the mommy of my Queen Bailey.  I'll tell you about her in a minute.  Aunty Lou and Uncle Rob also have Baby Reid and Scarlett.  I'll tell you about them later too.  We are all one big happy family.

Turbo - my big brother.  Turbo is the most wonderful big brother in the whole world.  As a pup Turbo was abused and abandoned, then rescued by Bull Terrier Rescue.  Mummy adopted him when he was 7 months old to help her with a special needs Bull Terrier she had.  Turbo did his job with determination and good humor.  After his sister went to the bridge, Turbo asked mummy if he could get a puppy.  They got ME!  Turbo taught me everything and he played with me and let me have his toys and even his food if I wanted it.  He also taught me good manners and good citizenship.  Turbo helped make me the dog I am today.  Everybody loves Turbo!

Bimmer - my sister.  Bimmer was a show dog (named Topsfield Sanchu Google of Cloverhill) who became very shy and frightened at the shows.  Her owners decided that Google's (Bimmer's) happiness was more important than winning shows so they looked for a good home for her where she would be safe and protected.  They found US and Turbo and I got a new sister.  She was 2 at the time (same age as me).  Turbo and I had to work extra hard to make Bimmer feel comfortable.  She was so shy and nervous.  But after a while Bimmer started to feel safe and she came out of her shell.  Now she's almost as outgoing as me.  Bimmer has a diary that she writes her thoughts and stories in (don't tell her I told you).  You'll be seeing some of that in the future.

Bailey de Queen ATB - my Queen, my inspiration.  Bailey was the world's most beautiful Queen and a brilliant fundraiser.  She spent her life helping needy and homeless hounds.  As de Queen got older, she needed someone young and strong to help her and to carry on her legacy of helping those in need.  That's when WE met and she made me her knight.  Bailey made her trip to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of almost 16 but before she went I made a vow to her that I would always follow her example and I would carry on her legacy.  Those of us who are so lucky need to help those who are having hard times.  Like Baby Reid...

Baby Reid - I call him the Bambino.  He was just a pup when he was left in a windowless shed at a shelter one night.  Reid was so withdrawn and terrified he was almost catatonic.  As luck would have it a wonderful rescue group named BROOD agreed to take Reid and help him. Next, a phone call went out to Aunty Lou and Uncle Rob who frequently did volunteer transports for BROOD. They asked them to pick up this pup and take him to a kennel until a vet could look at him. Aunty Lou and Uncle Rob had just recently lost Bailey and their hearts were very empty and sad. But they agreed to do the transport. Well, you can guess where this is going. Once they saw Baby Reid, their hearts went out to him. They knew he was so far gone and withdrawn that he would not survive if he was left at another kennel. So they brought him home, gave him love and encouragement, took over as his foster parents and then adopted him. I don't like to toot my own horn but I also had a big part in Baby Reid's healing process. Lots of people think the Bambino looks just like me and I guess I have become his surrogate father. So now he calls me "Dad". The Bambino likes to write his thoughts down in his "yurnal". He does have a lot to write about now that he has a new big sister named Scarlett.

Scarlett - last but never EVER least! Oh my, that girl is something else. Scarlett (CH Topsfield Sanchu Firecracker) comes from the same show kennel as Bimmer, as a matter of fact they were kennel mates as youngsters. Scarlett is different from Bimmer in that she has NEVER been shy. Scarlett is convinced that she has been kidnapped and writes letters to her beloved Topsfield, telling them of her capture and that she has found the long lost Google. Scarlett knows it is only a matter of time before Topsfield will have the ransom money so she can buy a first class ticket home.

Well friends, there we are. Soon, we will all be sharing our thoughts and stories with you. We also want you to share your stories with us! We plan to have a monthly contest and will choose the best story each month to publish on this page. Each winner will get 10% off any one purchase at Sir Bentley Art. To submit stories, just go to our "Submit Stories" page. Thank you and blessings to all!