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Quality Work at Affordable Pricing


Custom Figure Polymer Clay: approximately 5" - $115.00  These figures are made with a polymer clay that allows the maximum detail and realistic quality.  The sculptures are lovingly formed then baked and hand painted in detail and afterwards glazed to provide a long lasting finish.

Ornaments: Our beautiful handcrafted ornaments range from size 2" to 4" and are priced anywhere from $9.00 to $38.00.  Check them out today!

Custom Sets and Centerpieces:  (Pricing varies with job) Give us your ideas and we will create something special for you using your favorite dogs as our inspiration.  Generally our custom sets are made of air dry clay, run at about $38 per figure and are about 3" high.  We can use your dogs or create something completely unique for you. 

Cake Toppers: (Pricing varies with size and design)  Cake toppers are made from our air dry clay and are very lightweight.  They do not require bracing or support on the cakes so they can go on any cake, homemade or bought.  In additon the toppers can be removed and saved to use over and over, making them a great choice for the budget conscious party giver.  We can do flower toppers, figures, scenes or just about anything you can imagine. Just give us your party theme and we can help you come up with something to wow your guests.  Our air dry clay, glaze and topper components are completely non-toxic.

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